About Us

Hebard Search Partners brings a highly personalized and relationship-driven approach to executive search. Our clients always work with a dedicated partner and research team, focused and committed to exceeding expectations. We take the time to understand each clients business, culture and unique dynamics leading up to their current organizational need. We dissect the market to ensure thoroughness. We engage the most qualified candidates and rigorously assess their relative experience, motivations and cultural fit. We stay actively engaged with all parties throughout the process to manage expectations and ensure positive outcomes.

Hebard Search Partners offers our clients unobstructed and transparent access to the most qualified "C" level and Board of Director candidates in the marketplace. Our work is intimate, focused, relationship-driven and highly communicative. Most importantly, as sophisticated users of executive search services are aware, we are able to avoid the frustrations and limitations of "off-limits' issues which is the inability to engage the best candidates because of conflicts with another client or even another internal colleague. We know the most qualified corporate talent available, and we have the assessment capabilities and experience to ensure the best fit for our clients.

Our sole focus is on successfully completing searches with placements. Ensuring a positive experience for everyone involved in the search assignment-clients, candidates and valued sources-matters to us, because every search has our name on it. Importantly, our average quality satisfaction score from our clients is a 4.5 out of a possible 5.0, and over 80% of our work is repeat business.